Nicole A. Gramlich

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"Carla Flores, a homeless ex-cop, is living her nightmares. Her mind - a juxtaposition of real life, night terrors, and cocaine - leaves her isolated on the streets of Albuquerque. She constantly struggles to rid herself of the memories overlaying her waking hours: a traumatic shootout, being overpowered and taken hostage while her partner lay dying. The dangers of the long nights seem ready to swallow her completely until she is found by an unlikely companion - a stray dog named Rivet. Carla's only salvation in a city that has forgotten her walks on four feet - a life line out of the darkness and into the light."

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Future Works:

  • The Outliers  (Written 2012, release date TBD.)

          "The year is 2045 and a new world order has been installed. Between the corporatocracy led by ZanMark, Inc's CEO and the International

          Bank, the minority rich rule the poor. Implanted with tracking devices, the people have been subjugated using their own fears and

          insecurities - working and buying from the corporations that control their loyalty and their lives. With cost prohibitive measures in place,

          people are unable to leave their countries or own land, and a desolation has at last settled over the world population. There is nowhere left

          to go. Only a few brave souls have broken free and escaped to the desert, a group small enough to be a statistical anomaly outside the 

          norm, a group that gets their hands on the son of ZanMark's CEO. The world is about to change..."

  • Passing Through the Spiral    (Written 2014, release date TBD.)

          "Maple "Birdie" Monroe never thought she was anything special until after a fall in her kitchen six years ago. Now, diagnosed with  

           Alzheimer's, she is constantly visited by many figures from her past, including her cat, Simon, and her girlhood friend, Annabelle. Only

           the little trinkets left behind prove that Maple is literally straddling time. When Maple learns of Annabelle's horrific abuse, she sets out to

           help. She must now battle against her ever eroding mind, and the fact that the girl she intends to save has been dead for more than forty


  • Glowing Notations  (Written 2015, release date TBD.)

           Holly Reede is a gentle hospice worker born with a gift she considered a curse. Since her youngest days, her vision has been consumed

           by the glowing marks on the foreheads of every person she sees: black for anger, yellow for love, blue for peace, and white for dying.

           Using her curse to aid her, she has for twenty years helped those crossing over, until she is assigned to her newest client. For the first

           time, Holly meets a person without a marking: a person with a darkness that threatens to plunge Holly into chaos and rip her soul

           asunder. Only her gift can save her, but will she see it in time?

  • Deathbringers   (Written 2003, revamped 2012, release date TBD.)