Nicole A. Gramlich

    Pen Jockey for the Muses




Carla's Rivet

Format: Fiction -ebook/soft cover/hard cover (Adult Themes, drug-use)

Description:  "Carla Flores, a homeless ex-cop, is living her nightmares. Her mind - a juxtaposition of real life, night terrors, and cocaine - leaves her isolated on the streets of Albuquerque. She constantly struggles to rid herself of the memories overlaying her waking hours: a traumatic shootout, being overpowered and taken hostage while her partner lay dying. The dangers of the long nights seem ready to swallow her completely until she is found by an unlikely companion - a stray dog named Rivet. Carla's only salvation in a city that has forgotten her walks on four feet - a life line out of the darkness and into the light." 

Price: $35.00 (hardcover) / $11.99 (softcover) / $4.99 (ebook)    See Reviews here.


Format: Literary Short Story / Fiction / ebook (Adult Themes, not suitable for under 18)

Description:  "Tiffany is a seventh grader living in Millsburg, a small town in rural Ohio where the times have only gotten harder and the divisions between haves and have-nots have only grown deeper. When Tiffany finds a letter scented with Old Spice, her imagination takes flight, but her decision to indulge her fantasies costs one resident his future." 

Price: $0.99