Painful and beautiful. - May 2, 2015

By PRBC "PhyllisC"

As a psychologist, I just learned a few new things. As a woman, I already knew them. This is a beautiful book and left me with tears in my eyes.

Beautifully written - May 1, 2015

By S. Bryant

I couldn't put it down. Was able to picture the whole scene in my head. Cried a bit too. Loved it. Hoping, anxiously awaiting for more wonderful stories.

This book is absolutely amazing - August 31, 2014

By AnitaLouise Martinez

This book is absolutely amazing. (keep in mind, I am not a writer and drive people crazy when I do try to write..but I had to write something about this book!) I had a hard time getting away from it.I feel like I have been there..walked the walk and talked the talk..and have certainly got a greater understanding into, not only the human side of the life of a person who, for whatever reasons, ends up on the street. But also and strangely an understanding into what happens to a dog or a cat who also ends up alone, on the street, fending for themselves. I guess I assumed through the whole book (I thought it was a biography), (but found out later that it was not, my fault as I missed some of the reading or was rushing through some parts of the intro) BUT then asked myself over and over how in this wide world would someone have such a vast knowledge of that life. One of the better books I have read in my life!

A Tear Jerker - May 25, 2014

By Lora Lucero

I'm a long-time Albuquerque resident and happened to pick this book up from the author at the Rail Yards Market, not really expecting much. The author said her book was set in the Barelas neighborhood and I was curious.

The plot is about a female cop who ends up homeless. A stray dog befriends her on the streets in Albuquerque and the story goes from there. I'm a "dog person" and was immediately drawn into the relationship between this poor woman and her dog.

Given the real-life police violence occurring in Albuquerque (just google APD police shooting), the book is very timely. The author intersperses her fiction with hard, cold facts about homelessness, etc. and so this may be an eye-opener for many readers.

I finished the book a couple of days ago with tears in my eyes while riding the bus. I won't give the ending away .... but I highly recommend this book whether you live in Albuquerque or not.


A Spellbinding Story - May 22, 2014

By TLS-PLS "ABQ Shopper"

This story grabs you from the first chapter. Set in Albuquerque, it tells the story of a woman's fall into desperation and homelessness, but it is also a story of redemption by an unlikely angel who happens to have four legs and a tail. Nicole weaves a fascinating story. I urge you to give this author a try, but keep your tissue box close by. 
Highly recommend
- April 15, 2014
By Kari Smith "scareykari"

At a time when Albuquerque is in turmoil over bad cops, violence, homelessness, and the mentally ill, Carla's Rivet is an extremely relevant story that left me in tears. It forced me to re-think my perspective on many current issues. I've already passed my copy on to another to read. This story adds a face and personality to the problems we face in Albuquerque and cities like it. Highly recommend!
A surprising journey of despair and redemption
- April 7, 2014
By Jeff 
I don't usually read this kind of deep heart-felt novel (I'm more of an action reader), but Nicole Gramlich reminded me that life - and everything we take for granted - can change in an instant, either through bad choices or bad luck. This novel took an amazing look at life through the eyes of a most unusual... and very disturbed... heroine. I think this story would make an excellent movie, particularly the way Gramlich handles the dual personality of Rivet, who is... (I won't spoil that part for you, but I've never seen an author handle a supporting character quite like this before and the ending left me - an action junkie - in tears of joy and sorrow). Being a resident of the city where this story takes place, I'm familiar with many of the homeless haunts Gramlich describes. This story made me, and it will make you, take a hard look at the assumptions we make about the plight of the homeless. I particularly like the factoids Gramlich uses to start each chapter, tidbits of statistical data that add depth to our heroine Carla's desperation. Every now and than a book comes along that makes you think - that could happen to me - and this book was it. Carla's character was nicely developed, and I found myself wondering throughout the story what was real and what were figments of Carla's imagination. It takes great skill for an author to keep the reader suspended inside the mind of a disturbed and healing character, and Gramlich succeeded from page one to the very last word.
Rivoting! - April 6, 2014 

By Paula A. Fistick

I enjoyed getting to know the characters, could feel their feelings and struggles. What an insightful perspective about homelessness! My heart grows even more tender when I see those wandering the streets.

Enthralling - March 12, 2014 

By Amber Barnett

This tale was wonderfully spun, sharing the plight of the homeless as well as detailing how easy it is for one to end up in an unimaginable situation. The use of varied vocabulary and beautifully poignant descriptions made it easy for a reader to be drawn into the story. I completed the book in less than 5 hours, and can hardly wait to read it again and again. I recommend this novel to anyone that enjoys reading a good tale solidly grounded in real situations.

A true look into the hearts and minds of the homeless (people and pets) and their struggles to get through the day. - March 10, 2014 

By David A. Jackson

Carla's Rivet took me on a journey through a place we all see in our daily lives...the plight of the homeless. With her faithful furry follower....Carla shows us the almost impossibility for the homeless to turn their lives around without help. Something we can all learn from as well as just being an amazingly wonderful read. Thanks Nicole Gramlich!


From Amazon.Ca:

Carla's Rivet - March 9 2014
By Misbee

Excellent book. Very thought provoking. It's sad to know the level of homeless people we have in out midst that go unacknowledged. Sure made me think and feel happy for the many blessing I have.

From Goodreads:

Sarah - March 18, 2014

This is a must read. A beautiful, poignant piece that captures the enchanting soul of the Southwest while sharing the story of the misery we often over look. Carla and Rivet will break you heart, make you burst into laughter and open your eyes to the real issues that we can no longer ignore. In the spirit of The Tale of Edgar Sawtell & Where the Red Fern Grows Rivet will leave his paw print on your heart.

From Facebook:

Genevieve Frederick (Founder and President of Pets of the Homeless) - April 1, 2014

"I just finished "Carla's Rivet". This is a must read - powerful, heartrending, and beautifully written. Nicole brings the issues of being homeless to a new level. Have tissues ready!"

K. Martinez - August 23, 2014

"I bought [your] book Carla's Rivet at the rail yards I LOVED it so much ! Every time I went anywhere downtown I could visualize the story. I think the timing off this book and me reading it was on spot thanks for writing it. I read a lot of books this is the best one I have read since The Milagro Bean Field War . You are a wonderful writer thanks."

T. Christensen - August 26, 2014

"Holy crap, I have some talented friends! Nicole Gramlich, you are an amazing writer. Everyone, get a copy of Carla's Rivet, you'll want to be a better and less judgmental person after you read it."

A. Martinez - August 29, 2014

"Fantastic book!! I hope you continue to write..I certainly look forward to your next books..although I have lived in Albuquerque for a number of years, I now live in Nova Scotia, Canada...but no matter where one lives..I do believe they would not only LOVE the book but it certainly opens a persons eyes to many serious issues. THANK YOU!!!"

Nicole A. Gramlich

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